Master Camera Tracking in 5 Minutes!

Length: 6 Minutes

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Software: Blender 2.79

Downloads: Parking Garage Footage

Summary: Master the art of camera tracking in Blender with this quick VFX tutorial! Tracking footage to solve for a 3D camera is a an essential part of many VFX shots. In this tutorial, I try to clear up some of the confusion about tracking, and simplify the process down to 6 easy steps. Enjoy!

Stranger Things Editing in Blender!

Length: 12 Minutes

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Software: Blender 2.79

Downloads: Can Crush Sound, Anamorphic Crop

Summary: In this tutorial, we take a look at how to crush a Coke can with your mind powers! Using simple stop motion, masking, and editing, we are going to quickly create this effect from Netflix's awesome show, Stranger Things, right inside of Blender!

Use the Force! A Blender VFX Tutorial.

Length: 27 Minutes 

Level: Intermediate

Software: Blender 2.77


In this quick VFX tutorial, use Blender's video sequence editor to do some fancy editing. After some quick masking work, combine everything together to create the illusion of using The Force. All done in Blender! 
Throw this effect in your short film or use it along side of Light it Up. May The Force be with you!