We have officially reached 10,000 subscribers!

A small step for many YouTubers, but a… bigger step for others.

I began my YouTube channel with a beginner tutorial on modeling and texturing a barrel in Blender. The reason for making that video was because I had been going through the Architecture Academy Course from Andrew Price of Blender Guru. It was a fantastic course, and I learned a lot about Blender; especially modeling and texturing.

However, after gaining a limited understanding of UV unwrapping, I noticed there wasn’t much help for beginners regarding this topic. Naturally, I took it upon myself to fix this problem, even though I barely knew what I was doing.

What followed blew my mind! The video got 2,000 views in one week, and I couldn’t believe it! I immediately got requests for more videos, and the rest is history!

The journey has been a blast! I have learned so much about Blender in an effort to keep creating content that is helpful and interesting to all my viewers. I am humbled to have reached 10k subscribers, and I look forward to 10k more!

So what can you expect in the future? 

Many exciting changes are coming to the Blender world. Blender 2.8 will bring many much-needed changes to the software, and with that comes the opportunity to create more exciting tutorials.


You can expect to see more VFX tutorials from me, some beginner scene creation tutorials, and hopefully another VFX training pack down the road.

Stay tuned for those updates, and Let’s keep making awesome art together! 


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