Coffee: the fuel of creativity

How to make a latte for the price of a latte.


If you go to your local corner coffee shop, you may end up paying anywhere from $4-$12 for a coffee drink that probably has more sugar and syrup than it does coffee.

For this reason, I have decided to share with you how I make homemade delicious lattes and barely spend a dime.

Now, why am I writing a how-to post about lattes on a Blender site? I believe coffee is one of the many fuels of creativity. So more coffee = more creativity. 

I haven’t asked him, but I’m pretty sure the great Gleb Alexandrov would agree with that statement, so it must be true.

How to make a latte

What you need:

Cheap stove top espresso maker, mason jar, honey, milk, coffee.


Step 1

Buy a stove top espresso maker. They can be found for anywhere between $5 and $12.

If you are seriously low budget, then make one cup of coffee in your coffee maker but double the amount of coffee grounds you normally use.

That will work pretty well.


How to make a latte

Step 2

Grind your coffee beans. I roast my own coffee (super coffee nerd award), so I always have fresh whole bean coffee on hand, but whole bean coffee can be purchased wherever coffee is sold. The fresher the roast the better.


How to make a latte

Make sure you grind the beans to an extra fine powder.


If you prefer to save some money and not buy whole bean coffee or a grinder, that’s okay too, but you will miss out on the taste factor.



Step 3

Put the coffee grounds in the cup part of the espresso maker, fill the bottom part with water, and put on high heat.

How to make a latte
How to make a latte
How to make a latte

Step 4

While the espresso is bubbling on the stove, fill a mason jar halfway with milk.

Add Honey (or sweetener of choice) to the milk, and heat it up in the microwave for 1 minute.

How to make a latte
How to make a latte


Step 5

After about 2-4 minutes on high heat, the espresso should be complete. A good shot of espresso will be visible by a thin layer of brownish foam and delicious goodness.

Pour the shot of espresso in a mug.





Step 6

Remove the mason jar from the microwave, put the lid on, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.   

Congratulations. You have created frothed milk. #instgrammoment

How to make a latte
How to make a latte


Step 7

Pour the frothy goodness on top of your espresso shot.


How to make a latte
How to make a latte
Kenan Proffitt of

Step 8

Enjoy and make something awesome in Blender.