About Me

The Journey Begins!

I am just a movie loving, coffee drinking, aspiring 3D artist who is saved by the Grace of God. I am passionate about exploring the infinite possibilities of animation and visual effects, and yet I am equally intrigued by modeling texturing and lighting. Because of these two passions, I naturally spend a lot of time using the free open source software, Blender. Blender is a complete 3D platform with endless possibilities of creativity for CG artists. 

 My journey with blender is probably not unlike others. I was obsessed with animation as a little kid and dreamed of working at Blue Sky, Dreamworks, and, of course, Pixar. But with computer animation being an impossibility (at least in my mind), I sought out the next best thing: live action movie-making. The beginning was chock full of failed attempts, late nights, short films, festivals, expensive equipment, classes, and a whole lot of learning.  I was loving it! I still, however, had that longing to add just a little bit of CG to my movies.

Then came the day a friend changed my life! (Cue dramatic music) While working on a short film together, he showed me a short demo of fabric simulations on his laptop. I was amazed that he had created something so similar to what I saw in Pixar's clothing animations. It seemed impossible! Then my friend proceeded to tell me of the wonder that is Blender. Oh, I had to look into it! And so I began at square one. More like, blender unit one. I struggled and struggled until I managed to create a chess piece. That small victory encouraged me to keep growing in my knowledge of Blender. As I continue to learn, I have great passion to teach others the fun and the challenges of Blender animation.

What I do now?

I am married to my beautiful wife of over 3 years now. We are extremely happy, and she is very supportive of me being a CGI nerd. I run the Blender Branch website, write tutorials, and I also do freelance computer design work using Blender. I have one training product, light it up, which is a VFX training pack designed to help aspiring CG artists create Hollywood style visual effects.  


Connect with me on social media! 

I am all over social media, and I'd love for you to send me a message, email, tweet, or thumbs up. It is incredibly exciting when I get to see all of the different artwork and videos other blender users create; so feel free to connect with me and share your art! 

Other Places to find me...

All my videos are available on YouTube, I have been featured many times on BlenderNation, I have also been privileged to be a regular writer for the ActionVFX blog, and I am a certified teacher on Curios.com.


Visit my portfolio.